Wells Gardner K4600 Cap Kit with Filter Cap

$15.95 $13.59

Wells Gardner K4600 

Cap Kit for Monitor Repair

  • All of our kits come with a chart that indicates the values and locations.  

  • All caps included are 105 degree radial for superior reliability and longer life.

  • This listing is for one cap kit that contains 24 caps.  If your board contains more, they are not included in this kit.

  • The Filter Cap for location C605 the 330uf 200 Volt is included in this kit.  

  • Our kits have been made directly from spec sheets, customer information, and cap lists.  In some instances voltages may have been increased.

  • These are the most common caps to fail, not all caps on the board may be included.

  • If your board has been modified, this kit may not match your needs.